The statistics show that as many as 30 million Americans have been afflicted with some sort of rare disease that either shortens or alters their life in some way. Even more striking, a slim majority of these sick Americans are kids. The worst part of this statistic is that a great many of these kids won’t even live to celebrate their fifth birthday, or go to school or any of the events that most of us take for granted. It is these statistics that led to the creation of Miracle Flights for Kids.

Since it launched in 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids has grown to become one of the most important charitable organizations in the country. They are considered to be the most important nonprofit health and welfare flight organization in the country these days. Their main mission over the course of their history has been to provide families with the financial assistance they often need to get their children to the medical help they need, even if that medical help exists in another city or state on the other side of the country. Without Miracle Flights for Kids, thousands of children and their families might not get the help from medical experts or the second opinions they need to save lives because they may not have the money to cover the cost of airfare to get them there.
It is actually quite apt that the people who work with Miracle Flights for Kids are referred to as Miracle Makers, since that is how many of the families who receive their services see them.